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Converting Leads into Paying Customers

“Forgetting to convert your prospective buyers is like forgetting to take out your cash at the ATM machine”

Direct Sale Partner is a Facebook messenger direct sales expert who uses the four steps of the Facebook messenger sale process to help business owners, like you, convert prospective customers on messenger lists into paying clients.

We can help you save costs by eliminating and abbreviating the traditional sales process and as well as help you make more sales through the Facebook messenger sale process.

Actions to Eliminate or Abbreviate in the Traditional Sales Process

Contacting the prospective customer by visiting or calling

Spending time traveling, only to meet a few prospective customers per day

Repeatedly calling five to ten prospects via telephone,
in order to follow-up

  • Lack of enough confidence to ask the customer to buy your product
  • Spending time searching for the best hot prospective customers.

The Outcome of the Facebook Messenger Sales Process

  • Prospective customers are hooked
  • Your prospective customer contacts you

Meeting hundreds of prospective customers per day, without spending the extra time, money, and effort.

  • Following up on hundreds of prospective customers, without annoying them
  • Leading your customers to choose you as their seller of choice every time that they wish to buy your product

    Your hot prospective customers eagerly to send you messages like “Order Now” or “Buy Now,” or, they call you for an offer.

As a former, direct salesperson for 10 years, I know the headache, stress, pressure, and pain that you are feeling as you manage and lead not only a sales and marketing team, but also the prospective customer pipeline reports, so that you can generate enough sales.

Become happy and have more free time

When you have a proven successful sale process in place, there are no more headaches. No more shooting darts into a dark sky.

Secure your cash flow
in the future

Not only can you make sales in the present, but you can forecast your upcoming sales in the future.

More confidence the possibility of fulfilling your business goals

You are living with the confidence of producing a successful outcome for your family, yourself, and your community.

Our Value

Proposition to Help Your Business Grow:

Generating fast qualitative and quantitative leads.

Sending your promotional messages to up to 45,000 prospective customers (how much can you save from sending SMS for 45,000 messages?)

Sending your promotional messages to up to 45,000 prospective customers (how much can you save from sending SMS for 45,000 messages?)

Developing sales follow-up prospective customers for your list on Facebook messenger

Exploring the high buying rate prospective customers and closing sales instantly

Exploring the high buying rate prospective customers and closing sales instantly

Cutting the cost of managing and recruiting sales & marketing people, as well as customer service

Now, here is

How You Can Get Started with Us

You schedule a meeting with us

We develop a “quick sales result” plan for you

Watch your sales

Past Clients’ Comments

-Malida Sovann

Owner of the JoJo Beauty store

Direct Sale Partner is someone that I can trust. They provided me with the proven successful process of the Facebook messenger sale process. My sales revenue has grown over 30% in the past six months

-Kimsong Veng

Vice President of Luxury International School

Direct Sale Partner is awesome. They get straight to the point, a sale-oriented result. I have reduced the cost of recruiting sales and marketing teams, and am spending less time managing sales people.

Why us?

We are the partner that helps you save and make money

Over past 10 years, down the road of direct sales, both online and offline, we have made mistakes. Those mistakes have taught us the best practices for what we do in sales. We will bring you the best practices that those 10 years of sales have taught us, to help you save and make money.

  • We love what we do. There is no point in being successful without helping our clients become successful.
  • Every lead that we help you collect, every dollar that we save, helps you book sales income.
  • Thousands and thousands of messenger lists that have we built up for our clients, is a “Pond of fish” that helps you sustain more sales revenue in the future
  • Every group of high buying leads that we explore for you, helps you close your sales faster, and cost less.

“Leave us your sales department and sales follow-up jobs, and we will help convince your prospective customers to buy your product/service”

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